Okay today is day 10! That means tomorrow is our half way point!!! I wanted to add a photo today that shows you the difference 10lbs can make! Get ready cause the before is not very pretty! haha but hang with me cause my transformation isnt done just yet! 
Looking at the pictures I can see a HUGE difference but just looking in the mirror I could "tell" but nothing like these two pictures have shown me! I do credit the Ultimate Reset with it all as, I did eat pretty healthy before the Reset but could not make the scale budge!
 Ok now why the tight bathing suite you ask? Simple! This bathing suite is what I was able to wear at 135. The bottoms are a m(7/9) and I plan to get back in these with some wiggle room! This is ONE of my constant motivations I keep laying around visible to see during the day! Another is a pair of jeans that are a size 7/8 I keep hanging in my walk in in plain sight as a reminder. If I could, I would put my liver in sight as well haha.  I have been told I have  slightly fatty liver when I went into the er and needed an Ultra sound of my abdomen and is really the BIG reason for doing this. 21 and a fatty liver is NOT ok! Not to mention cholesterol that is all over the place, and a nutritionist who told me I eat healthy so "You may just have to LIVE with being 160 because lets face it it COULD be worse"... Umm No I don't have to live at being 160. for me that was not healthy and when all my health problems exploded!   
 The point of this post is to show you to keep with it! The results are worth it, the energy you get while on it is worth it, and the benefits are MORE then worth it! YOU CAN DO IT!!! 

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