Today is Day 11! am I am VERY happy to announce am now officially under 150!!!!! If you couldn't tell this is HUGE for me! I have been stuck at 155-160 for the past ohh 3-4 months or so even with clean eating I wouldn't budge.
 See that purple shirt? I haven't been able to button it for MONTHS! The dog is just a cute prop to draw you in ;) ( Okay really he is just a Mr. attention starved Great Dane named Boomer, well if you ask him anyways!) 

 I have to say over all I have been feeling GREAT! I have been deep cleaning my house as my reset is deep cleaning me. The only bad thing is Yesterday had some serious nausea. I am not sure what from. I am thinking lunch, but not sure. I also think I burnt my throat yesterday when trying to eat a piece of steamed broccoli right from the basket...BAD IDEA, as now I can "feel" where that little green veggie got me! 
 Overall though, can't complain as I have not had those aches and pains others have while on the reset!  


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