My Health and Fitness team is GROWING! We need help more then ever! 

Do you love your job? Do you look forward to every day? or do you dread waking up, and keep staring at the clock hoping your shift is over? 

Let me tell you before I started working full time as a health and fitness coach I was working in a gas station. It as the most demeaning job I have ever had! Most of the men that walked into the gas station were rude, loud, and only had one thing on their mind. Even knowing I was married did not stop the harassment, it almost made it worse. I would come home so irritated and just short tempered. Even my husband wanted me to stop working there but I needed another job before I could! 

Then I found my answer. 

Coaching through Beachbody. As many of you know from my introduction page I was not always fit, I struggle with food, and I struggled with my weight since I was a child!  Since I changed my lifestyle I knew I wanted to help others the way I was. When the opportunity came up I knew I needed to jump on it. Plus being a Military spouse ALL sign up fee's were waived! ( I'm always one for a deal ) 
 Best part I was given the training ad support I needed to really take off and make this a full time job! 
 I will give you everything I was given. One and one time to help you expand , access to a full training network , and much more! 

If your ready to LOVE your job send me an email at 
Catherine.enbeach@gmail.com or message me at my Facebook page

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