Today starts Day two of week two of my husbands and my Ultimate Reset!!! WOOT!! I was really nervous at first as I kept hearing stories of " My body is so sore, the Alkalinize taste icky." ect. Well Glad to say today I am down 11 lbs! going into week two! LOVE the Alkalinize and look forward to it daily!  My acne is clearing up, my stomach pain/bloating has almost gone away, and I am SWEATING! ACTUALLY SWEATING! For those of you who do not know I suffer from not sweating normally. This is a condition calleAnhidrosis  , which means lack of sweating . I noticed the other day while walking my dogs my arms were actually DAMP! This is GIGANTIC for someone like me because I over heat sooooo easily! so doing my favorite work out like insanity I need to stop and rest ALOT other wise I over heat and come close to blacking out :( BOOO !  So heres to hoping we open up some more sweat pores!!! 
 On another note! The food is AMAZING! The portions are huge and the variety is great! I am now introducing Millet, and Quinua to my diet after the reset!  This so far has been great!! This week I will put up a video about the reset, What it is, whats involved, pros and cons for myself so far as well. So keep an eye out! 


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