The image above means A LOT to me!!! It shows the 18lbs I lost in 21 days on the AMAZING program but it doesn't show how I FEEL! Looking at these photos I am proud of myself, proud that I finally took that step got the reset and gave it my all while getting UNBELIEVABLE results!!  Before the Reset I was tired A LOT, had skin acne on my back, bad stomach pains from foods ( from what I think was gluten) slept okay but not great, and was stuck at 160 for a good 3 months even with eating clean and working out.  I also suffer from a condition called Anhydrosis where the body does not sweat properly. This is bad for someone who LOVES to work out you over heat SOOO easily and can put yourself into heat stroke pretty easily! I have caused myself to black out once or twice before as I was unaware I suffered from this!

 Well after the Reset I-
  • No longer have back acne, and my face has cleared up
  • I sleep like a ROCK, seriously if I lay down and close my eyes I am out like a light in 5 minutes! 
  • I have soooo much more energy!!!
  • No stomach pains/bloating! 
  • I am down 18lbs! 
  • and I am SWEATING!!! This is HUGE! I am sweating from body parts I never knew could sweat before like my arms haha gross yes but for someone like me this is HUGE! I can work out harder now!!! 
 I honestly never expected ALL that from the Reset. Was I expecting some weight loss and more energy of course, After all Beach Body did make this program and they have never made something that doesn't work!  but to start to reverse a condition that was such a brick wall in my way is huge! I am so excited to be able to sweat again and to see how much harder I can push now that my body can start to cool itself a little bit more!  Watch out cause there is so much more to come!!! 

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