While out on base today waiting inline to get my fresh Banana, strawberry Pineapple smoothie to mix with my Shakeology, an Officer walks up behind me, So I offer her My spot in line. I was in no hurry, and was just trying to be nice. She was shocked and goes "Are you sure?!?!" all confused lol. I tell her "Yes Ma'am I am sure, please go ahead" . The guy makes her smoothies, rings her up, and she looks at him then me smiles and goes you know what , put this women's smoothie on my bill as well. I tried to refuse but she said, " What you did was very sweet, Please accept this as a thank you." ♥♥♥ So not ONLY was I addressed as Women which made me giggle a litte as I am usually always miss, or lady ( makes me feel older haha) but she was so kind as to pay for my smoothies as well ♥♥♥

It was such a simple Gesture of $3.75, but it made my day. How Sweet of her to pay for my smoothie just for me letting her take my spot!
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It doesn't take much to turn someones day into something a little extra special. Go on try it! It does not have to be a huge gesture just something 

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