Lets be honest with ourselves. How many of us think/feel that when we travel its a free pass to eat what we want, when we want, and how ever much we want? 
 I use to be that person till I started focusing on my health. I can tell you how much better you will feel when you finally get back to normal life not regretting everything you ate and those 5+ pounds you might have packed on.
 Lets get started on some basics!

Does Healthy Eating require more work than Unhealthy Eating?

The truth about the ‘more work’ excuse is you’re already working. There is always work involved.  So what is your work producing? Look in the mirror and answer that question. You may have to learn a few new things, but nothing is ‘more work’ when you understand and appreciate your body.

Those who don’t care about their health now will have to work much harder and pay more money in the long run … and thats because MOST people aren’t thinking long term health & wellness. So, remember this…

Preventing Unecessary Stress 
Success when traveling means ‘as efficient and smooth as possible’ – that’s my definition. Keep in mind you will be taking off your shoes + belts for security, so dress appropriately to reduce the inevitable stress in advance. Remember even when eating healthy studies have shown extra stress can lead to extra pounds! Plan ahead!

Meal Timing
I know a lot of the time you flight will looks like this. A 3 hr flight with at least another hour plus of security & checking in. It will take another 30+ minutes to get to your destination. So now your looking at 5 hours before my next meal? No way. Pack snacks in your carry one so you can have a mini meal. Things like Almonds, or dried fruit ( no extra sugar added)

Smart Snacks
I usually bring Navel oranges, bananas, avocado, nuts, energy bars and for longer flights and bring my own prepared meal in a glass container. You can use plastic if you want, but the food I eat often I only store in glass.

Keep in mind that citrus does not work for everybody.

You can eat a big meal before you leave home and bring a snack for the flight or not (depending on how long the flight). I had a fat + protein based meal that I know will give me good energy until I arrive.

Remember you can almost always bring your own food on the flight, but you can’t bring water. So don’t pack up water and expect to purchase overpriced waters once you get passed security. The best brands I saw at JFK were Fiji, Volvic & Evian. The worst brands available are Dasani and Aquafina. For a 3 hr flight, I’ll usually bring 1.5 liters of water.

Clean Eating & Dining Out

Remember that most people don’t care about food, their health or bodies as much as we do, so you have to take charge, plan ahead and not be afraid to speak your mind – ever. And yes, people will misunderstand you, make fun of you, freak out or even attack you. This is natural, it is supposed to happen. Accept the fact that you will always have BOTH support and challenge in every endeavor and have a plan and you will significantly reduce stress in your trip/life.
 If you go to a restaurant you can almost always talk to the chef and see if they can tailor to your eating needs. Normally you can always find at least a salad on a menu, but lets face it sometimes we just want something nice and warm! So if you can't seem to find something on the menu, just ask! It can't hurt right!?! 


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