Lets play a guessing game! ( Who doesn't like games right?)
 The name of the game Guess how much a full fridge of veggies cost for two people to feed them for a week? ( 3 meals a day) ...( not included is Quinoa, brown rice, pinto beans, and chick peas- all together those add to about $10 for a full bag of each *hint- with only costing what is used its under $6! ) 
Tick...Tick....Tick.....Tick.... RRRRRRRRRR
Times up! 
The answer is $84. Yes that's right and that's to feed two people so total cost is $44 and some change PER person. That's not to shabby in my book! There is over 35 fruits/vegetables in that fridge as well. What a variety right!?!?!  I have so many colors in my fridge right now !  Let me tell you I am NOT going hungry this week either!  an example of what a dinner looks like is this!
Roasted red pepper and sweat potato bisque, and Asparagus  baked/broiled with almonds. YUMO!  Soup was sooo simple to make and under 300 Calories! Asparagus is just tossed in some EVOO ( extra virgin olive oil) Himalayan Sea salt, and pepper and about 65-70 calories!  Easy right! Its filling , simple, low calorie, and HEALTHY! 


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