I love the way I feel since switching to a vegan diet. It's not for everyone , but for me it works. The only issue I find is finding enough of a variety in what I cook. 
 Now don't get me wrong I eat a lot of different food, but preparing them I tend to get in a rut. Right now we are also mid transit to Bahrain! So my cooking techniques are very limited. I have a couple knives, a electric counter top burner, cutting board, a couple pans, basically a full size fridge. 
 It is actually a very nice set up considering.  So staying healthy while in hotels IS possible. it just takes some planning. 

Cucumber Tomato Salad

1 medium cucumber
5-8 cherry tomatoes
1 tbsp onion
2tbsp cilantro/parsley
 1/4 avocado 
1 tbsp cold pressed olive oil-extra virgin
2tbsp apple cider vinegar 
salt free herb seasoning to taste


Cut cucumber in spaghetti strips. ( you can cut cucumber in any way you wish, I choose strips to add a little change up).
Next dice the onion and tomato and add to bowl. 
chop up almonds and add to bowl.
mince up fresh parsley and cilantro and add. 
score half of the avocado and scoop out 1/4.
 Mix the dressing ingredients and add  to chopped ingredients.

Nutritional breakdown 


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