Facial Toner
Ditch your expensive, store bought toner and mix one part apple cider vinegar and one  part water for the perfect all natural, skin solution. Apple cider vinegar is
antibacterial and known to help acne, but it also works to balance the pH levels
of your skin so that it’s at the optimal level between dry and oily. Reduce red
marks, blemishes and improve your overall complexion by applying the mixture
with a cotton pad before moisturizing.

Cleaning Solution
 Go  eco-friendly by making your own all-purpose cleaner with apple cider vinegar. Dilute with one cup of water and let it go to work on kitchen counters, bathroom  sinks, windows and mirrors. It can also be used as a dish detergent substitute  or carpet stain remover when combined with baking

Soothe  a Sunburn
 Spend a little too much time in the sun? Use apple cider vinegar to ease the pain and  prevent blistering and peeling. Dab it on with a cotton pad or pour two cups
into a warm bath and let the antiseptic properties work their

Weight Loss Aid
 Take  two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily to help lose weight and detoxify
your body. Not only is it a natural appetite suppressant, but it boosts your
metabolism and helps block fat absorption in the small intestine. Due to the
acidity, it can be hard on your enamel so be sure to dilute it with water before

 Hair Treatment
 Mix apple cider vinegar with water and pour the mixture on your hair to help remove  product residue and build up for ultra soft strands. Besides increased body and shine, it helps restore the natural pH balance of your hair while fighting

Skin Problem Cure
 In addition to acne, apple cider vinegar can work to help other skin conditions
such as dermatitis, warts and psoriasis. Depending on the severity of the issue,
it may be beneficial to leave the treatment on for an extended period. Looking
to get rid of a wart? Fasten a soaked cotton ball onto the wart overnight and it
should fall off within the next couple days. 

Fight Sickness and Allergies
 Use its antiseptic and antimicrobial powers to fight colds, the flu, sore throats
and allergies. Taking it daily can help build up your immune system to fight
bugs and also breaks up mucus within the body while cleansing your lymph nodes.
Got a sore throat? Gargle apple cider vinegar for instant

Flavor Enhancer
 Add flavor and a boost of nutrients to your favorite dressings, sauces, dips and
anything that calls for vinegar as an ingredient. You can also add it to your
morning tea as a detox agent.

Fight Fleas
 There’s nothing worse than a pet with fleas. Instead of masking the problem with
chemical solutions, save money and go natural by applying apple cider vinegar to
their skin with a cotton ball or misting their fur with a spray bottle to fight
off these pesky guys. 

Lower High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
 Amongst its many healing properties, the vinegar has also been said to help lower blood  pressure and cholesterol due to its ability to balance the body’s pH level.
Before going on medications for these health issues, try the natural route and
consume daily.


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